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2 Destination Weddings | 24 Hours

WOW. Once again USR were called for International Duty, however this time, with 2 Weddings... in 2 Destinations... within 24 Hours...and 1 Team! 

Straight from rocking Heritage Haveli in Punjab, the team were literally straight on road to Delhi Airport for their next day destination wedding at The Palace Downtown, Dubai.

Both amazing couples, from the UK, decided to make their wedding extra extra special, to have destination weddings, and what beautiful Venue's they both were.

The Haveli Heritage was simply stunning, amazing decor with a regal theme, this venue just oozed class and sophistication.


Where else do we get to have the World's tallest building as our backdrop?

Overlooking the Water Fountains and Bhurj Khalifa along with the rest of the skyscrapers, this Venue was simply jaw dropping.


As normal, we offered many one and one consultations, discussing themes, music, layouts before they decided to have USR on their big weddings. We would like to Congratulate both beautiful couples and thank you for having USR for your Destination Wedding.

Keep a lookout for official photos and trailer by Saffron Studios.

Unique Soundz Roadshow // Destination Wedding // Heritage Haveli Punjab, India // The Palace Downtown Dubai, UAE